Siobhán is the sole principal and founder of the firm of McEneaney Tighe Solicitors.

Prior to establishing McEneaney Tighe, Siobhán had the advantage and benefit of being engaged in the role of an Associate Solicitor and a Legal Executive in a broad ranging Dublin legal practice for 30 years. This wide ranging and varied experience at all levels in the professional legal services has encouraged Siobhán to be results driven and client focused.

Siobhán takes a practical, expedient and efficient approach to all matters, driven by client needs and expectations, and focused on the pragmatic dimension. Problems need solutions is Siobhán’s approach.

The professional approach is a no fuss, minimum of bureaucracy and getting down to the delivery of client’s objectives with the minimum of delay and obstacles. The approach is to combine technical competence, a keen awareness of the clients’ business and commercial objectives together with a practical approach in ensuring that required legal documentation can be implemented in a clear and concise manner.

Siobhán has been familiar with and has participated in multidisciplinary teams for designing and implementing a variety of projects, including the ICT area and related areas. Siobhán considers her role to be a collaborative partnership with the client, led by the client’s needs, services focused and a delivery of objectives facilitator. Siobhán is eager to deliver results as efficiently and as cost effectively as can be sensibly achieved.

Siobhán considers it to be a professional priority to be conveniently accessible to clients, to obtain a clear understanding of the client’s needs and to act as a facilitator of client’s requirements.

Siobhán is a member of the Dublin Solicitors Bar Association.